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Our Expertise

From assistance with Website Maintenance, to scalable Hybrid Mobile Applcations, to setting up your new Operating System. Get in touch to get the ball rolling.

Web work, as vague as the term may be, is the primary focus here. It's where the world meets, it's becoming part of almost everything (and you're looking at a beautiful example of the web right now!). With experience ranging from local bars & restaurants websites to working on agencies intranets to helping maintain blue-chip companies bespoke CMS, we're happy to discuss projects on any scale.
Specific areas of expertise:
JavaScript (Vanilla, Angular 1&2, Vue, Express, Backbone, Node, Gulp, jQuery), PHP (Upto version 7, Laravel, Eloquent), MySQL/NoSQL, HTML5/CSS3, Server Administration & Version Control and Deployment Workflows (Git, Subversion, BitBucket/Github).
With the world progressively moving away from standard desktop setups, choosing for more portable, more versatile, more engaging forms of technological mediums to work from, mobile application development is at the forefront of priorities to progress in for DRS.
The methods used ensure maximum cross-device compatibility, utilising the latest in web technologies.
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I.T. consists of the cogs that keep the wheels of business moving, from computers to communication, e-mail to ecommerce. A new application or project, whatever the size, will need some advice on what combination of software and hardware to use, and how best to utilise it. With over 10 years of experience, both personal hobby and industry level, there's no doubt a sensible answer to your needs can be found - including OS X, Windows or Linux setups.

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